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Easy Style For Working Moms

Career moms usually don’t have time for shopping and worrying about keeping their wardrobe up to date. But, they also need great style to impress their colleagues and feel great. An easy way to maintain a stylish wardrobe without the hassle of shopping for it is to use a personal stylist. Personal stylists are not

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New Mom Style Tips For Every New Mom

Postpartum dressing can be very difficult for new moms. It’s a transitional phase where your body adjusts to not being pregnant. There will be big changes in your body as your hormones fluctuate. While going through these physical changes you need clothes that will give you some new mom style, but that can also handle

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60 Is The New 40

These days women in their 60s are busier than ever living their best lives. Starting new businesses, transitioning to a new careers, enjoying retirement, and traveling. Women over 60 are taking advantage of the many opportunities to chase their dreams. With so much going on it can be difficult for 60+ women to the right

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Packing 101

Like many things, the art of packing is something we learn over time. Whether you’re off to a tropical destination or even a brief work trip, it’s always important to remember to pack smartly. From all of my years of travel here are some of my “go-to’s” to make packing easier Versatile essentials go a

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