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3 New Years Resolutions from a Toronto Image Consultant

Sometimes kicking off the New Year means making some changes, so we started with one of our favorite places – the closet. A wardrobe cleanse can be really fun but it certainly isn’t always as easy breezy as Carrie Bradshaw and her three best gals played it out to be, so we’re here to share 3 of our resolutions to get you through a whole year of closet cleanout & maintenance.

  1. It’s no secret that wardrobe cleanses require tossing some of our old favorites but how do you decide when it’s time to let go? Start by asking yourself questions like: Does it still fit me? Have I worn this in the past 12 months? And does it still suit my style? If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions then consider keeping it but if you answered no then you should pitch it.  Seeking help from a professional, like an image consultant in Toronto is another great way to start. Sometimes including someone else in your closet clean-out can force you to throw out things that you may be keeping.
  2. The beauty of a closet clean out is having room for new pieces but be careful because it’s easy to lose track of what we really need when we’re out shopping. Adding the right pieces is the difference between a functional closet and a full one. Here is what you should be asking yourself while you’re shopping. Do I have existing pieces I can mix and match this with?
  3. Ever heard of the saying double trouble? Turns out, it also applies in the fashion world. It’s so easy to forget what’s in our closet and double up on items. Some classics and essentials like black pumps, button down blouses and blue jeans are okay to stock up on but once you’ve started purchasing one style in more than 5 colors – well that’s when you should stop. Remember my golden rule of: one in, one out.

Remember if you can always invite some friends over and open up a bottle of wine if you’re looking for opinions or you can hire outside help from an image consultant Toronto or a fashion consultant.

Thank you for reading & happy cleansing (and shopping)!

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