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Better Styled personal shopper, Toronto, offers women a truly unique shopping experience.

You work one-on-one with your own personal stylist at our beautiful private salon. She custom selects clothing from our on-site boutique that will suit your body type, fashion sensibility and lifestyle. Our carefully curated selection includes top name brands and undiscovered fashion gems. As you try on each outfit, your stylist offers expert advice about how to wear and combine the items.

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KIDS: I have written and rewritten this about a dozen times. I’ve been MIA lately and with family day upon us I thought I would give an update. Mostly trying to digest the year that was 2020 but also what awaited us in 2021.  Becoming a mom was one of the greatest things but I was not and am not still fully able to digest what my life has become. Madelynn the love of my life has a rare genetic mutation causing what’s called an immune disregulation. How rare? So far only 7 cases recorded worldwide.  Spending the first 3 months of her life @sickkidstoronto was rough, not having a diagnosis for 7 months was tough, but seeing this amazing tough opinionated 22 month old little lady blossom and continue to have medical issue after medical setback, yet smile and laugh on the daily, has been devastating.  Having a rare medical condition means there really isn’t a reference for anything you’re facing. You quite literally are the first. This means speciality after speciality weighing in. It means lots of doctors, opinions and tests. It means keeping everything and everyone straight while trying to keep everyone on the same page. It’s having to think quickly, remember numbers, and past results and continue to ask questions and challenge the advice being given. And worst of all it’s watching your child be poked for blood, IV starts, joint injections and daily medications and not be able to do a thing about it. Parenting a @sickkidstoronto child is like no other kind of parenting.  Here’s what I know for sure, I would be a crying ball in the corner if it wasn’t for the love and support I am given on a daily basis. I get out of bed and keep going, mostly exhausted because of my little girl. If she can keep smiling then you better be damn sure I can too.  I’ve been quiet about her health and our struggles as a family mostly because so much changes day to day but also it’s too painful to actually stop and think about.  I’m grateful for many things but mostly for our amazing and collaborative docs @sickkidstoronto. With all my heart I know everything is going to be OK #grateful #sickkids #littlelady
Truth! When I came upon this quote I thought it perfectly summed up our little girl!
When I was pregnant my dad always told me that kids were resilient but I had no idea how right he would be or how much I would need to hear that. After an early battle we had been on a really good path with Madelynn’s health and while I knew bumps would happen I did not expect it to happen so quickly and feel so devastating.  While things are hopefully turning a corner and I hope they stay that way here’s what I learned: my kid is amazing! She’s tougher and stronger then I will ever be and I couldn’t be prouder.  And the chalk drawings.. one of the amazing things about my neighbourhood are companies like @davisville.chalkgrams. 20% of their proceeds go to @sickkidstoronto and they rock! #supportlocal #grateful #girlmom
Thank you @shine.kurian #challengeaccepted.
I am a woman who has been working with other women for over a decade. I hear their stories and am able to learn from each of them, something I am so grateful for. But I am and was inspired to be a strong and opinionated woman because of my mom @estherbee54. 
#womensupportingwomen #letsbuildeachotherup
It’s Monday and as I try to pack, cook and bake for our week up at the cottage this lady wants to know where I am at all times- makes it just a bit difficult to concentrate 😉#momlife
#motherhood #ohheymom #mommyandme #timom #maternity #motherhoodunplugged #bbgmoms #birth #postpartum #mama #thebump #newborn #baby #cutebaby #babygirl #girlmom #babypics #babyfever #motherdaughter #babyootd
My current situation! 
Isn’t it always the case that you give them all the toys in the world and they want to play with the butt cream 🤦🏻‍♀️  #motherhood #ohheymomma #mommyandme #timom #maternity #motherhoodinspired #bbgmom #birth #postpartum #mama #thebump #newborn #baby #cutebaby #babygirl #girlmom #babypic #thisismotherhood #babyfever #babiesofinstagram #motherdaughter #babyootd

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