60 is the new 40

We believe you can have great style over 60! We also know how frustrating it can be to find flattering clothes when you reach a certain age and most retail stores are geared to women in their 20s and 30s. Meanwhile, you feel as though you’re busier than you’ve ever been. Whether your career is in full-swing or you’re transitioning into retirement, we can help, with:

  • Style advice specifically tailored to women age 60-plus
  • Wardrobes for full- or part-time careers or active retirement lifestyles that include travel, social and family events
  • Travel essentials that are easy to pack and maintain
  • Personal, one-on-one service at our private boutique
  • Clothing you’ll find comfortable, contemporary and figure-flattering
  • Age-appropriate dressing that expresses your personal style

Post-baby style

If you’re looking for postpartum dresses and fashion staples, you’ve come to the right place. Better Styled is an expert in fashion for moms. We understand your problems: you’ve got a hectic schedule, yet nothing seems to fit anymore, you’re tired of everything in your closet and you feel like you need to start over. Featured on The Morning Show, BT Montreal, Savvy Mom and more, we’ve been helping women rediscover their post-pregnancy style for over a decade. We can help you:

  • Find clothes that flatter your post-baby figure
  • Acquire exactly the right outfits for your schedule, including school pick-ups and drop-offs, park wear basics, weekend wear and play dates
  • Build a stylish wardrobe to re-enter the workplace
  • Achieve a balance between practical, casual clothes and career basics

Working women

Whether you’re stepping into a more senior role or seeking an alternative to your usual uniform of suits, we can help. We are experts in helping women dress for today’s corporate world. Better Styled has the expertise and the professional attire to help you:

  • Create a closet full of go-to outfits that take the pressure off of busy mornings
  • Design a basic wardrobe you can add to each season to refresh your look
  • Dress appropriately for the culture at your office
  • Save time and make shopping easy, with just two quick visits a year

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