Erin Nadler, an Image Consultant in Toronto, is the heart and soul of Better Styled. Her fashion industry experience, bubbly personality, positive approach and flair for personal style have enabled her to help hundreds of women overcome negative body image and shopping frustration, and find clothes that make them look and feel fabulous.

Those same qualities have made Erin a much sought-after image consultant on television and a popular columnist for magazines, newspapers and blogs. She also works closely with clothing manufacturers and retailers to help them gain exposure to their target markets through the mainstream fashion media.

As part of the third generation in a women’s apparel manufacturing family, Erin learned about matters like fabric, fit and finishings as a little girl sitting at the family dinner table. Recognizing her keen interest in fashion, her father encouraged her to visit the family business often. There, she became friends with the designers and seamstresses, learning the trade from the ground up.

Following her graduation from York University, Erin worked as a fashion consultant and joined the Association of Image Consultants. Soon, her entrepreneurial spirit got the better of her and she founded Better Styled. The Women’s Post named Erin a Woman to Watch, and she has been featured as an image consultant in numerous publications and on many popular television shows. As part of her commitment to helping women, Erin supports Dress for Success, a non-profit agency that helps women re-enter the work force, and breast cancer research.

As a dedicated fashion professional, Erin believes that image consulting has the power to transform lives from the outside in. Every day she sees clients acquire newfound confidence in knowing they are putting their best self forward.

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Growing up in fashion, I learned from a young age how to use clothes to flatter my figure and feel confident shopping as a curvy woman in a Size 0 world. I love showing other women how to do the same. Erin Nadler President, Better Styled

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