3 New Years Resolutions

Sometimes kicking off the New Year means making some changes, so we started with one of our favorite places – the closet. A wardrobe cleanse can be really fun but it certainly isn’t always as easy breezy as Carrie Bradshaw and her three best gals played it out to be, so we’re here to share

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Holiday Shopping Made Easy

If there’s anything Christmas movies taught us, it’s that there is a list and no, we don’t mean the naughty or nice list – we mean a shopping list. Each year, we all get to play Santa for our family and friends but sometimes buying the perfect presents for our loved ones can be a

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An Easy Style Guide to TIFF

It’s here – TIFF is back and with A-list celebrities heading to our beautiful city the pressure of ‘what to wear’ is on. So what can you wear to a movie premiere? And what’s the dress code for a TIFF party? Most importantly what can you take with you to the office to take your

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Style Q&A Part 3

Fabric care concerns? We have your questions answered

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