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Packing 101

Like many things, the art of packing is something we learn over time. Whether you’re off to a tropical destination or even a brief work trip, it’s always important to remember to pack smartly.

From all of my years of travel here are some of my “go-to’s” to make packing easier

  1. Versatile essentials go a long way:

A good light jacket or blazer is a must. It’s a great piece to utilize not only during your trip, for those cool nights or air conditioned board rooms, but also while you’re travelling, because we all know how cold airports and airplanes can get!

  1. Your go-to basics are your best friend:

Sometimes we tend to over think when it comes to packing but the reality is, the only thing changing is your location, not your style. It’s important to stay true to what you feel good in and usually it’s the pieces we consider our “go – to’s” or basics. In my case, it’s usually something black or white like a basic t-shirt or blouse that’s easy to dress up or down. Stick to one colour palette so that everything can easy be mixed and matched and you do not need to overpack.

  1. Comfort is key:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – comfort is everything. You want to be able to enjoy your trip so pack pieces that have good stretch and are easy to care for yet comfortable. Think about leggings, stretchy jeans, or even pull on pants for ease and comfort. The last thing you want to be during your trip is uncomfortable!

Happy travels!

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