Closet Cleanse

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your closet then it’s time for a closet cleanse and there is no better time than the spring to start thinking about your closet and what you really wear. Letting go of pieces you once loved can be difficult, but it’s all part of a bittersweet yet fabulous cycle – making room in your wardrobe means making room for a new you. Try asking yourself these top 5 questions and they will help you if you’re feeling stuck or unsure of whether you should keep or toss and item.

1. Does it still fit?

If the answer is no, then let it go. We all out grow our clothes, even our favourite go-to pieces can start to look or feel off and that’s okay because change is good. You had a good run with those pieces and now it’s time to invest in ones that fit & flatter your body now and remember, a good fit can make or break an outfit.

2. If I saw this in store now, would I still buy it?

We know how easy it is to say yes to this question, but be sure you’re keeping pieces that will continue to serve a purpose in your wardrobe. Trends come and go and holding on to pieces waiting for them to be in style again can take up a lot of room in your closet. The fashion cycle is forever changing, so should your wardrobe.

3. Have I worn it in the last 6 months?

Trying it on and taking it off doesn’t count, if you haven’t worn certain pieces out in a long time then there’s probably a reason why. We’ve all been down this road, waiting for the right time to wear that neon dress we bought on sale or hoping that one day we’ll finally figure out how to style that patterned blouse we really liked. The truth is, sometimes it just doesn’t work out so offer the piece to a friend or family member, at least this way you will know it’s going to a good home.

4. Do I still like the way this looks on me?

You have asked yourself if it still fits, but the look of something is more than just the fit. So ask yourself this, do you still feel good in it? Remember looking good and feeling good go hand in hand so make sure you keep items in your closet that make you feel confident every time you put them on.

5. Is it damaged?

This may seem like an obvious one but we’ve all kept something in our closet that’s damaged thinking we can fix it or take it to the tailor, but if it’s been sitting there for months and you have not been reaching into your closet to wear it then chances are it’s probably safe to toss.

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